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Stock Certificates

Stockholders who buy shares of stock and want their names to be recognized in the books of the Company should specifically request their stockbrokers that the stock certificates be issued in their name. Otherwise, registration of the shares will remain in scripless form under the Philippine Central Depository. In the absence of a proxy, the registered owner of the shares acquires voting rights to the common shares. The stock certificate is the strongest proof of ownership in the Company. Stock certificates are highly negotiable and should be safeguarded properly. They should not be endorsed at the back until there is sale or transfer.

Replacing Stock Certificates


Should your stock certificates become lost, stolen, destroyed, or mutilated, please immediately notify ABS CBN Holdings Corporation or STSI in writing so that the certificates may be disabled in the records and any unscrupulous trading of the same may be suspended. Pursuant to the Corporation Code, the registered owner should further submit the following legal requirements:

1.   An Affidavit of Loss indicating, among others, the nature of the loss/destruction/mutilation, the stock certificate number(s), and the number of shares involved. The registered owner shall also submit such other information and evidence which may be deemed necessary;

2.   After verifying the affidavit and other information and evidence with the books of the corporation, said corporation shall publish a notice in a newspaper of general circulation published in the place where the corporation has its principal office, once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks at the expense of the registered owner of the certificate of stock which has been lost, stolen, or destroyed; and

3.   A surety bond equivalent to 150% of the market value of the shares, should you decide to have the replacement stock certificate issued within one year from the last date of publication. Otherwise, the replacement stock certificate shall be issued one year after the last publication date.


This usually arises due to change in status. The stockholder is required to submit: (1) a signed letter requesting the change in name, (2) duly endorsed stock certificates, (2) duly accomplished specimen signature card, (3) submission of legal documents (e.g. marriage contract) supporting the request for change in name.

In replacing stock certificates as enumerated above, STSI charges minimal transfer fees (P20 per certificate cancelled and P100 per certificate issued, both VAT exclusive).